Meet the wireless-enabled Raspberry Pi Zero W in The MagPi 55

By Russell Barnes. Posted

The Pi Zero gets another upgrade and we show you how to make use of its wireless powers with a retro gaming handheld build

We’re ecstatic to finally reveal that there is a brand new Raspberry Pi Zero, the wireless-enabled Raspberry Pi Zero W, and it’s in our latest issue out today.

We’ve got not one but two big articles about the Raspberry Pi Zero W in issue 55 of The MagPi. We have a Big Build this issue teaching you how to make a modified PiGRRL handheld retro console, along with a complete breakdown of everything that’s cool and new with the Raspberry Pi Zero W. We've got a little preview of it, along with a full list of specs, <a href="/magpi/pi-zero-w/">on our launch article</a>.

As usual we have loads of other excellent articles in the magazine, from tutorials on how to create an Amazon Alexa-powered robot to reviews of the brand new version of Kodi.

Get your copy

You can grab a copy of The MagPi 55 in stores now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Asda. Alternatively you can grab an issue online or get it digitally via our app on Android and iOS. There’s even a free PDF of it as well.

We also have a new subscription offer to celebrate the new Raspberry Pi Zero W: grab a twelve-month subscription and you’ll get a Raspberry Pi Zero W absolutely free, along with a free case for it and a bundle of adapter cables. Get yours online right now!

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Also here's a full zip of the code from the issue if you want it. We hope you enjoy the issue!

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