Pi-topCEED, a $99 desktop from the makers of pi-top

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Help fund the next crowdfunding campaign from the people that brought you pi-top, this time for a desktop Pi!

We've actually just had one of the brand spanking new pi-tops in at MagPi towers. It was pretty fun to build and frankly we really liked it as a product. This crowdfunded laptop kit could be a great little backup laptop or educational tool and you can read our full review in the next issue of The MagPi to find out where it might sit with you. However, if you'd been waiting for a desktop version of the pi-top though at an even more affordable price, the team have a proposition for you…

 A beautiful design

Introducing the pi-topCEED, a $99 desktop variant of the pi-top with all the same great tools and educational software that's in the pi-top. It's still powered by Raspberry Pi, but now it's permanently tethered to a power cable. It's already just about hit its target, but you can help them make sure it's really good by getting one of your own.

You buy one, fund it and find out more information by visiting their indiegogo page. They even have a bundle where you can use your own Raspberry Pi, driving the price down even further. Give it a look!

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