We got an email from Jeff Loeliger about a very cool project he’s been working on recently.

“When you have several computers and lots of files around the house it is useful to have a NAS – network attached storage – device to share files, stream media with Plex, and back things up,” Jeff writes. “My current system is an old QNAP TS-251 and a very old, and unsupported, QNAP TS-110. I wanted something new and faster, which sounded like a project for the Raspberry Pi. It has a compact completely 3D-printed case with a custom pHAT interface board.”

He’s since gone on to write up a comprehensive tutorial on how to build a NASsie and set up the software on it. It uses a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and runs OMV 6 (Open Media Vault) with custom software to run the little display interface on the case.

This really cool, Loch Ness Monster-inspired case, is 3D printed and very customisable

It’s a tight squeeze, but that big case fan will keep everything cool

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