#MonthOfMaking in The MagPi 79

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Eleven projects to make and share; develop an Android app; and add AI to your projects in The MagPi #79

We're all taking part in a #MonthOfMaking this issue. Discover eleven Raspberry Pi projects to create and share with the community.

The MagPi 79 is packed with ideas for makers: inside you'll find fun kits, robotics, music projects, arcade cabinets, smart home projects, and drones.

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So, whether you're building your first project, or sharing something you've worked on for years, our #MonthOfMaking is the online community event where we help and inspire each other.

 Discover #MonthOfMaking in The MagPi issue #79

Build an Android app: treasure hunt

Fancy building an app for your smartphone? It's perfectly possible with a Raspberry Pi and you can use a phone's tech to make great Raspberry Pi projects.

Mark Vanstone has developed this treasure hunt app for mobile phones that illuminates coloured lights for each team as they find hidden treasure or complete the treasure hunt. All developed and deployed from a Raspberry Pi.

 Develop and deploy an Android app using a Raspberry Pi

Add AI to your projects and build a Teachable Machine

Google is back with Coral, a new Raspberry Pi AI platform based on its Edge TPU (Tensor Processing Unit). Its older AIY kits are now available in the UK and EU; and Coral's USB Accelerator is now out.

The USB Accelerator enables you to perform real-time AI analysis on a Raspberry Pi board, so you can easily add AI smarts to your projects and prototypes.

As well as a news story on the USB Accelerator, The MagPi editor Lucy has put together a tutorial for a Teachable Machine. This device uses a Raspberry Pi Camera Module to learn objects (such as keys, fruit, fingers). It lights up LEDs for 'learnt' items. It's a lot of fun to make!

 Build a Teachable Machine with Coral's USB Accelerator

Tortoise Fridge and other projects

We've got some wonderful projects from readers around the world. Stefan Wollner's Tortoise Fridge first cropped up in the German edition of our magazine. This fridge has been adapted to keep Pumba, his pet tortoise, safe throughout the winter hibernation.

You'll also find digital shuffleboard, firefighter monitoring system, and Raspberry Pi-controlled telescope projects this month.

ANPR and other tutorials

Automatic Number Plate Recognition is used by the police to check cars against its database. But this month we use the same technology to build a smart car camera for your driveway. Our Car Spy Pi project lets you know when cars are leaving and arriving.

Plus! Win one of ten new Official Raspberry Pi USB Keyboard Hubs and Mouse kits

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