Meteor 10.1" IPS Capacitive Touch Screen review

By Phil King. Posted

With a trail of glowing RGB LEDs around the edge and rear, the Meteor 10.1" Touch Screen (£91/$110) offers animated ambient lighting with 19 selectable effects. It can prove a little distracting, though, so luckily there’s a button to turn it off.

Another button enables adjustment of the backlight for the screen, which is plenty bright enough at the higher settings. While 1200×800 pixels for a 10.1-inch display might seem on the low side (with a 143 PPI pixel density), in practice it looks detailed enough, even when playing video. There’s no built-in speaker, though, so you’ll need a separate one connected to your Raspberry Pi.

One plus point is the full-size HDMI socket, so you can easily plug in a Raspberry Pi using the supplied cable – with a micro-HDMI adapter for Raspberry Pi 4. There’s a mounting point on the rear to secure Raspberry Pi to create an all-in-one unit, complete with a two-part plastic stand.

Touch control

Two micro-USB sockets need to be connected (via supplied cables) to Raspberry Pi’s USB ports to supply power and enable touch control. An official PSU is advisable, otherwise the screen may be underpowered and keep switching off. In any case, it shows ‘No signal’ at times while Raspberry Pi OS is booting up, until the desktop appears.

We found it fiddly to tap icons and window controls, but this improved after changing the system default to ‘Larger screens’ to make them bigger. Pinch-zoom gesture control works well enough, although a bit of jiggery-pokery is needed in Raspberry Pi OS to enable right-clicking with a long press. Unless you want to attach a physical keyboard, you’ll also need to install an on-screen virtual one such as Onboard



The RGB marquee lighting is a bit gimmicky, but the picture quality is good and touch control works well. As a bonus, the screen can also be used with many other devices.


Display: 10.1" IPS, 1200×800 pixels, 5-point multi-touch control

Ports & cables: HDMI port, 2 × micro-USB ports, HDMI cable, micro-HDMI adapter,  2 × micro-USB to USB cables

Other: Raspberry Pi mounting point with screws, 2 × plastic stand legs

From The MagPi store


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