Make with code in The MagPi #77

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Learn to code in Python and control electronics in the latest issue of The MagPi magazine

Learn to control electronic gizmos and hack gadgets with code in this month's edition of The MagPi magazine.

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Make with Code

If you bought a Raspberry Pi to learn coding, then we've got the perfect feature for you. Our Make with Code guide makes coding fun, by teaching you how to control basic electronic gadgets with Python.

 Make with Code in The MagPi magazine 77

The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

With the right tool you can make something amazing. Discover the greatest HATs, expansion boards, and gadgets to use with a Raspberry Pi.

 The best Raspberry Pi accessories

Open a door using text messages

Discover the best RaspberryPi projects in The MagPi magazine. Conor Breen built this magical door that opens when you send it a text message.

 OpenSesamessage: open a door by sending a text message

Game Bird Recall

Read all about the Raspberry Pi maker is managing wildlife populations using a Raspberry Pi to emulate bird calls. Martha Zimet lives on a ranch in Nevada, and uses Raspberry Pi to manage bird populations.

 The Game Bird Recall simulates bird sounds

There's a whole lot more in The MagPi issue #77. Discover the maker using multiple Raspberry Pi computers to control dozens of smartphones at once, or learn to code an advanced version of Pac-Man.

The MagPi is available as a free digital download, or you can purchase a print edition online or in stores.

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