MagPi translated into Spanish, French, Italian & Hebrew

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Each Translated Edition is a bite-sized edition of The MagPi written in a global language

International readers can now read the MagPi Translated Edition. These new magazines come in four languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Hebrew

These languages join the English and German editions of The MagPi, making it one of the most international magazines in existence.

Each new magazine is a bite-sized edition of The MagPi. Containing 20 pages of the best projects and features hand-crafted into a different language.

The MagPi Translated Edition is available as a free download from The Raspberry Pi Foundation. As with UK edition, they are freely licensed under Creative Commons.

The MagPi Translated Edition

New editions will be made available monthly, alongside the English magazine. These editions will help us spread the Raspberry Pi community further.

The first edition contains the following features:

  • Raspberry Pi-powered laser cutter
  • Amazing medical equipment
  • Pi Zero 360 degree camera
  • A visual musical installation
  • Burn an SD card with Etcher

 The MagPi Magazine in Hebrew and Italian

It will also enable Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who don't speak English a chance to read the official magazine for the community.

They're also a lot of fun if you're practising learning another language and want to pick up some tech terms in a foreign language. "Nous aimons l'ordinateur Pi Framboise!"

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