The MagPi now available in French and Dutch!

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

MagPi France and MagPi Netherlands issues #1 out now, subscriptions available this month

We love seeing the community reaction to The MagPi every month, especially from people around the world who subscribe to the magazine. Not everyone speaks English though, which is why we have a German edition and now a full French and Dutch edition available now!

 In French

 In Dutch

The first issues of The MagPi France and The MagPi Netherlands are out now, translating past MagPi content for more people to learn from. Live in France or the Netherlands and want to subscribe? Subscriptions will be available this month – keep an eye on the MagPi FR and MagPi NL social media channels to be notified when they go live!

The MagPi will also still continue in English and German, and hopefully we’ll have more languages to come in the future!

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