Coding guide and free PIXEL DVD in The MagPi 53

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Get a free Debian + PIXEL DVD with this month's The MagPi and learn to code with our main feature

The MagPi issue 53 with a Beginner's Guide to Coding is available now.

This month's magazine comes with a free Debian + PIXEL DVD. With your free DVD, you can run the Debian + PIXEL desktop on a PC or Mac.

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Discover coding with this month's The MagPi

The MagPi 53 Beginner's Guide to Coding

Inside this month's magazine is a Beginner's Guide to Coding feature.

It makes it easy to get up and running with a programming language. We've worked hard to create the simplest starter guide to coding in existence.

Our coding guide explains simple concepts such as loops, branching, functions and importing modules. It takes nothing for granted and explains every step in clear detail.

We hope to take a complete beginner to coding up to creating the classic arcade game Pong. It will really help novice coders understand basic programming concepts.

Inside The MagPi 53

The MagPi 53 contents

The other big news this month is the launch of Debian + PIXEL. We covered Debian + PIXEL yesterday, but there's a lot more information inside this month's magazine.

Our in-depth Debian + PIXEL feature goes in-depth into the new OS:

  • How to start up your computer with your free Debian + PIXEL DVD
  • Create a persistence drive so you can save files while using the DVD
  • Build a bootable thumb drive that boots a PC or Mac into PIXEL

There's lots of interesting reads in this month's The MagPi. From stunning community projects like the Pegasus Land Speed Record challenge and QBEE Social Media Dress.

We even show you how to use Google's DeepDream AI. This creates surreal works of art with the Raspberry Pi.

You can grab The MagPi 53 in stores today: it’s in WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda in the UK, and it will be in Micro Center and selected Barnes & Noble stores when it comes to the US. You can also buy the print edition online from our store, and it’s available digitally on our Android and iOS app.

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