Learn to code with Python in The MagPi magazine issue #128

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Get ready for an exciting issue packed with projects, tutorials, and reviews! Explore the Heavy Pan Tilt System, Tank Driving Simulator, ML digital transcriber, and binary clock. Dive into astrophotography, learn to code with Python, and check out ten amazing displays. Plus, don't miss interviews, community events, and a chance to win a reTerminal. All this and more, coming your way in The MagPi magazine issue 128!

This sturdy stand is robust, motorized, and can handle hefty cameras.

Heavy Pan Tilt System

Say hello to Vigasan, an electronic engineer turned DIY hero who's built the Heavy Pan Tilt System, the perfect solution for astrophotography fans. This sturdy stand is robust, motorized, and can handle hefty cameras while smoothly tracking celestial objects.

Stream gameplay without modifying handheld consoles

Game Boy Interceptor

Get ready for a blast from the past! Sebastian Staacks, a Game Boy Tetris fan, created the Game Boy Interceptor – a nifty Pico-based recording device to stream gameplay without modifying handheld consoles. This clever gadget makes streaming Tetris tournaments a breeze, connecting to a host device via USB and appearing like a webcam.

Discover this plotter powered by Raspberry Pi.


Meet BrachioGraph, a delightful plotter powered by Raspberry Pi. Created by Daniele Procida, it sketches portraits and images while being affordable, accessible, and easily reproducible. With just a few servo motors and household materials, you can bring back nostalgic drawing vibes and inspire a new generation of makers.

Transform a Raspberry Pi into a high-end cinema camera


CinePI is an open-source project transforming a Raspberry Pi into a high-end cinema camera. Created by Csaba Nagy, it records 2K RAW Cinema DNG video at 50fps with 12-bit colour depth, suitable for various projects like short films and commercials. Using a Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, lens, and a 3D-printed case, CinePI delivers high-quality footage at a fraction of professional cameras' cost, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious filmmakers.

Discover the joy of coding

Learn to code with Python

Discover the joy of coding with our beginner's guide to Python 3 on Raspberry Pi! Using Thonny IDE, learn the basics of Python programming and data types. Python is beginner-friendly, versatile, and portable, making it an ideal choice for your first programming language. Dive in and start your coding journey today!

Astrophotography with Raspberry Pi

Astrophotography with Raspberry Pi

Capture stunning shots of the cosmos with your Raspberry Pi, a Camera Module, and some smart code. Discover how to achieve fantastic night sky photos using the Raspberry Pi HQ Camera with the right lenses and exposure settings. With customizable automation and a range of excellent Camera Modules, you'll easily capture the beauty of the stars and celestial bodies. Unleash your inner astrophotographer with this stellar guide by Rob Zwetsloot.

Make image recognition fun with this snazzy camera

AI-Powered Camera for Makers: Vizy

We test out Vizy, an AI camera that marries Raspberry Pi with a Sony camera and lens in a custom case, creating the perfect playground for students and makers to explore machine learning projects. With built-in apps, examples, and detailed documentation, this snazzy device makes diving into image recognition fun and easy.

Community Events Calendar

Raspberry Pi events return!

Get your Raspberry Pi kicks with these exciting community-organized events! From Melbourne Raspberry Pi Makers Group Meetup to Cambridge Raspberry Jam, there's something for everyone: electronics, robotics, 3D printing, and more. Connect with fellow makers, showcase your projects, and expand your horizons. Check out the full event calendar and join the fun!

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