Learn electronics with Pico W in The MagPi magazine issue #121

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Discover the power of electronics and circuit building with Raspberry Pi Pico W, the new microcontroller development board.

Learn electronics with Pico W

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi Pico W

Pico W is perfect for creating your electronic gadgets and gizmos. Get started with our guide to basic components and electronic components and build your first project, a Pico W-based web server that turns lights on and off from a website. Moving beyond that our in-depth tutorial explains how to prototype circuits with a Pico Breadboard Kit.

Smart and Spooky Halloween Party

Haunted Halloween Party

Create the ultimate Halloween party with Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico. Set up an electronic house of horrors with pumpkins and props. All of which are controlled by code.

Build a Raspberry Pi Radio

Build a Raspberry Radio

This month, Sean McManus walks us through his virtual radio station project that creates a virtual DJ that reads out the news and weather and announces your songs before they play.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

Big Mouth Billy Bass

This kitsch 3D plastic fish has been given a new lease of life with Raspberry Pi Pico thanks to Kevin McAleer. 

Boost Box 0.1

Boost-Box 0.1

This innovative project upcycles an old 1970s Hanimex analogue film viewer and turns it into a YouTube viewing terminal. Mart Spendiff & Vanessa Bradley walk us through this quirky make.

Build a robot: add sensors to the chassis

Build a Robot: add sensors to the chassis

Add a light sensor and ultrasonic echo sensor to a super simple robot and calculate the distance from objects, and follow lines on the floor. Adding smarts to a robot makes it much more interesting. 

10 Amazing Gaming Accessories

10 Amazing Gaming Accessories

With the right equipment, you can turn Raspberry Pi into a lean, mean, gaming machine. This feature has 10 incredible gaming accessories. Everything from controllers to arcade machine components to full handheld console conversion kits.

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