Interview: Al Pemartin

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

In a recent Digital Making at Home stream, Al dialled in from Andorra to talk about the stuff they’d been making, from robots and video games to music and bandanas. What started with them watching their dad write code has spawned into an interest in coding and making that has resulted in this 13-year-old having a presence in several online creative communities.

“I usually just describe myself as a ‘content creator’,” Al tells us. “But to [be specific], I’m not only a music producer, but a DJ, a sound engineer, a streamer, and I have a radio chain, and two stores: one for clothing and one for headbands.”

Al was on the stream for only a short time, showing off their robot in the process, so we decided to catch up with them and ask more in the process.

Al lives in Andorra, a small mountainous country located between France and Spain

What do you like to make?

Essentially anything that has to do with computers, whether that’s apps, websites, games, music, designs… So pretty much everything.

What do you like to stream?

On my Twitch channel (popito57) I mainly stream two things: music mixes and video games. I don’t really do much else there as for me it’s a pretty informal platform.

We’re very partial to the donut masks Al makes here

When did you first learn about Raspberry Pi?

I’d say when I lived in the UK and joined the Code Club. I asked where the resources came from and discovered Raspberry Pi.

What is the maker community like in Andorra?

I’d mainly say that it focuses more on robots and video games, since that’s what the main academy teaches.

Also a DJ, Al has some radio stations under the name Impulse Radio

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve made?

It’s not completely made yet, but I’d say one of my projects, ‘The Rainbow Mailbox’, which is a messaging hotline for any LGBT kids that are struggling with anything, whether that is in school, with family, etc.

Anything you would like to plug?

I recently made a Linktree with all of my work and social media, including things I didn’t/forgot to mention in the stream, such as my Spotify, so check it out if you want to/have the time.

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