Incredible Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W projects in The MagPi 112

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Discover 40 incredible projects you can make with the brand new Zero 2 W computer. We hope all our subscribers are enjoying their free computer, and now is the perfect time to think about all the things you can make with Raspberry Pi’s smallest computer.

Make and Build with Zero 2 W

Make & Build with Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Discover 40 incredible projects that make the most out of Zero 2 W’s faster 1GHz quad-core processor. Build radio sets, robots, retro games consoles and more. Solder pins to your Zero 2 and get started with electronics. All in this month’s edition of The MagPi.

Raspberry Pi Gift Guide

Make your own Raspberry Pi gifts

One of our goals with this magazine is to help inspire people to build things with technology. So why not use your skills to make presents for people this holiday season? Rob has written a fantastic gift guide that’s packed with ideas for things to make.

Robot Arm Clock

Robot Alarm Clock

Some projects just make us smile. This quirky clock works via the wonderful robot arm. It has been trained to nudge the arms around (one minute at a time). It’s wholly over-engineered but a great way to explore robotics in a fun way.
Aston Martin DB5 Junior

Aston Martin DB5 Junior

A Raspberry Pi user has recreated one of the most iconic cars in history: Bond’s classic Aston Martin complete with spinning license plates, smoke, and pop-out guns. This cut-down little car is so realistic you’d swear it was the real thing.
Droiid - a package delivery robot

Droid delivery robot

Fancy getting goodies delivered to your door? Not content with waiting for delivery companies to get their robots into gear, one The MagPi reader has built Droiid, a clever delivery robot that can be controlled from anywhere in the world.
Get started with the Raspberry Pi Build HAT

Get started with the Build HAT

Raspberry Pi has been working with LEGO® to produce this, the new Build HAT. With one of these attached to Raspberry Pi you can build a huge range of quirky projects using bricks. There are ideas for Pong controllers, robotic faces, data loggers and much more.

PicoSystem tested!

PicoSystem is a fantastic handheld console built with the new RP-2040 chip (the heart of Raspberry Pi Pico). It’s a sturdy piece of hardware that fits in the pocket and enables you to play video games. The big draw is that you can create your own video games. This could be the start of something big.

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