Here’s a little growing competition going on within the Raspberry Pi community at the moment operating under the hashtag #growlab. The brainchild of Alex Ellis, a mainstay of the community, it’s a contest to grow seeds as big as you can before the UK Harvest Festival, which is 23 September this year.

It requires a really simple set of hardware to oversee your plants – namely a Raspberry Pi and a Camera Module. With it, you can track the growth using the camera, and you can easily add extra sensors to try to help automate the growing.

“Everyone is welcome to join #growlab,” Alex says on the site. “Whether you’re participating in the time-lapse contest, or just wanting to connect with others and grow your own. You’ll be able to get started for under 30 dollars, less if you already own a Raspberry Pi and a Camera Module.”

With the right sensors you can track a lot of minutiae, perfect for improving your growing

You can find out more at, which has plenty of info on how to get started with both the tech and the seeds.

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