New GPIO Zero Essentials book makes GPIO easier

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Go from GPIO Zero to GPIO Hero with Simple Electronics with GPIO Zero, out now!

We love GPIO Zero – ever since its release it has made using the GPIO so much easier for many, many projects. It's very straightforward to use and gets you learning about programming electronics much easier and faster than ever before. It should be no surprise then that we decided our next Essentials book should be GPIO Zero themed.

 Controlling LEDs is super easy thanks to GPIO Zero

Simple Electronics with GPIO Zero takes you from the basics to creating amazing projects using just GPIO Zero itself. We have cool tutorials on using push buttons and LEDs all the way up to internet radios and even a GPIO Zero robot.

The GPIO Zero Essentials book is out right now and ready to download on our Android and iOS app. There's also the free PDF if you'd prefer that instead. It's not out in print yet but we're currently working on it and we'll let you all know when it is.

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