Get started with Raspberry Pi in The MagPi magazine issue #125

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

You'll get solidly to grips with Raspberry Pi using our gigantic starter guide this month. Discover the strengths of each Raspberry Pi computer and all the official accessories. Newcomers can use our QuickStart guide to setting up Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi OS; experiment with Python code and basic electronics; Linux and the Command Line. We've got everything you need for your Raspberry Pi journey.

Raspberry Pi QuickStart Guide

Raspberry Pi Starter Guide

This is no ordinary starter guide. The latest edition of The MagPi magazine is packed with pages that demystify Our QuickStart guide helps you set up the hardware and Raspberry Pi operating system. Plus a super fast primer to making projects with Python code and basic electronics. 

Get creative with Raspberry Pi

Get creative with Raspberry Pi Pico

Use code and components to make art, music, and much more thanks to Pico. Expand your knowledge of what’s possible with Pico to knitting, carpentry, painting and a huge range of other creative projects.

Project showcase: K-9 from Doctor Who

Recreating K-9 from Doctor Who

Every month we’re amazed at the projects made by the Raspberry Pi community. This month Fitz Walker stunned us with this replica K-9 from the classic Doctor Who series. It uses the latest AI technology to detect humans from aliens. 

Maka Niu

Deep sea underwater camera

Maka Niu is a deep-sea underwater system made using Raspberry Pi. It can currently go 1,500 meters underwater, with plans for a 6,000-deep system. It heads down into the ocean and uses Raspberry Pi to collect video files and images, record temperature levels and return its GPS location. 

Pico Plant Waterer

Build a Pico Plant Waterer 

Using Pico to monitor the soil moisture level of a pot plant and squirt water into it. VEEB show us how they put together a Raspberry Pi gadget to look after their houseplants.

Watch your fish with a Raspberry Pi camera

Watch your fish with a Raspberry Pi camera

We love this tutorial by PJ Evans. It uses an Entaniya waterproof case to position a camera inside an aquarium and record videos.

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