Get coding with Raspberry Pi in The MagPi magazine #140

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Let’s learn to code with Raspberry Pi! It is a fun experience and can help you think and understand computers better. There are also some great Raspberry Pi features this month: attach a floppy disk to Raspberry Pi, use Raspberry Pi 5 & Pico together and build a Backback Cyberdeck and Red Telephone.

Get coding with Raspberry Pi

Learn to code with Raspberry Pi computers

In this month’s edition of The MagPi we look at your coding options with Raspberry Pi: should you learn Python, Node.JS, or Go? And which IDE is best? PJ Evans has you covered with this in-depth guide to coding.

Raspberry Pi 5 & Pico

Double your making ability by using two of Raspberry Pi's products together

Raspberry Pi 5 is the fastest Raspberry Pi ever made, and Pico is the RP2040 microcontroller-based computing board. Put the two together and you can really start learn code, and electronics and build some amazing things.

Cyberdeck Backback

This backpack features Raspberry Pi and a wide range of electronic and wireless communication technology. With it Davide Marchetti can take his mobile lab from place to place performing security and wireless communication analysis.

Improve your upcycled Sonos Play:1

Trick out your upcycled Sonos Play: 1 system with fresh Raspberry Pi 5 software

PJ has converted a Sonos Play:1 into a Raspberry Pi-driven powerhouse of sound. This month he’s going to trick it out with software.

Amazing new projects: Red Telephone

Turn a classic piece of history into a Raspberry Pi-powered personal assistant

Rob Miles returns with a brand new project. The red telephone takes a classic analogue rotary phone and turns it into a super smart assistant with Raspberry Pi in the innards. 

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