Raspberry Pi Annual: Free book for subscribers to The MagPi

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Holy GPIO! Will the evil Dr Bluescreen succeed with her villainous plan, or will The Founders rescue the children of Earth from a fate worse than Excel? Find out in the first ever Raspberry Pi Annual!

This surprise Christmas present for subscribers of The MagPi is “packed with all the great word and picture puzzles you’d expect from any fun-filled annual, but also has a guide on getting started with the Raspberry Pi, as well as lots of fun projects using Scratch, Python, Minecraft, and more,” says Russell Barnes, Raspberry Pi Publishing Director.

 The 100% nearly true story of The Raspberry Pi creation in cartoon form

 Raspberry Pi puzzles and games for kids (of all ages)

How to get your free copy of The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018

If you’re not yet a subscriber of The MagPi, don’t panic: you can still bag yourself a copy of the Raspberry Pi Annual by signing up to a 12-month subscription of The MagPi before 24 January. You’ll also receive the usual subscriber gift of a free Raspberry Pi Zero W (with case and cable).

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Or you can buy a copy of the Raspberry Pi Annual for just £7.99 from the Raspberry Pi Press store. (Available soon).

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