Essentials books now on Amazon!

By Russell Barnes. Posted

Get The MagPi Essentials series – python games, Sonic Pi and more – in 26 countries via Amazon

Last month we launched the Essentials series of MagPi books in print – previously digital only, the new books have been available on our new store alongside new issues. We've been trying to make them available to more people, so they're now on Amazon.

You can get all four of the current Essentials books on Amazon now and with Prime shipping to 26 countries:

Conquer the Command Line - learn how to use the command line

Make Games with Python - use Python and Pygame to make your own amazing games

Experiment with the Sense HAT - create your own Astro Pi and do science

Code Music with Sonic Pi - learn how to create and perform your own musical masterpieces

They all still cost £3.99. You can also grab The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book on Amazon as well, which also has Prime shipping and is available to 26 countries.

Collect the whole set and get yourself learning!

From The MagPi store