DIY Home Automation in The MagPi magazine issue #129

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Get ready for some serious DIY home automation with Raspberry Pi: Install a home assistant, set up smart sensors and even create a fully-automated garage door. If your home is already perfect, consider giving your body a boost with our Get Fit with Raspberry Pi. Plus! We’ve got 40 pages of projects and tutorials covering everything from ChatGPT to DOOM-playing LEGO bricks!

Home Automation: home assistants, smart sensors and automated doors

Transform Your Home with Raspberry Pi Home Automation

Revolutionise your living space with Raspberry Pi home automation! With Home Assistant, a flexible and independent open-source operating system, you can create custom automations for energy efficiency and security. The system can be set up on a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with a wired Ethernet connection, and once installed, it can be controlled via any web browser. Follow the simple steps to set up your server and get started on your automation journey. With Home Assistant, you'll have a digital butler to help you connect devices and design custom dashboards for an unbeatable smart home experience.

Start using the new Camera Modules with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Camera Module: Getting Started

Learn about the range of Raspberry Pi cameras and their features in this tutorial by David Plowman, a Raspberry Pi engineer specializing in camera software and hardware. From the original camera to the latest Camera Module 3, discover how to set up and test each camera with Raspberry Pi. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, this series of tutorials will take you through everything you need to know about Raspberry Pi cameras.

Using Raspberry Pi to transform a sound studio

Raspberry studio sounds

Discover the potential of Raspberry Pi in a music studio! Join Michael Peters and Darrell Lehman from Shiloh Studios as they transform their professional audio production space using Raspberry Pi. From monitoring Ethernet connections to managing custom lighting, this tiny tech powerhouse brings versatility and creativity to the next level. Get inspired to remix your own studio!

ClippyGPT: it's been long enough, right? We're glad to see Clippy again

ClippyGPT: A Blast from the Past

Remember Clippy, Microsoft Office's helpful yet often irritating paperclip? Thanks to David Packman, it's back! By combining Clippy with ChatGPT, the AI chatbot sensation, David has given the character a new lease on life. This AI-powered digital assistant offers users interactive conversations and provides assistance in a fun, engaging way.

Hear a habitat's health with acoustic monitoring Acoustic Ecosystem Monitoring

Unlock the secrets of nature's sounds with, an innovative Raspberry Pi-based acoustic monitoring system. Developed by Dr. Sarab Sethi, this device records soundscapes in forests worldwide, from Norway to Taiwan, Bali, and Borneo. By tracking the unique sounds of different habitats, helps conservationists detect changes in biodiversity and identify potential threats, such as deforestation or natural disasters. Tune into the music of the wild and explore how this cutting-edge technology is shaping the future of conservation.

Use a Pico-W matrix display to create a visual speaker

Create a Bluetooth Music Visualizer

Transform your Pimoroni Galactic or Cosmic Unicorn LED matrix display into a Bluetooth speaker with real-time visual effects using the Blunicorn firmware. The display in this build shows a rainbow effect reacting to the levels of various frequencies in the audio.

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