Discover Smart Gadgets in The MagPi 110

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Transform an ordinary object into a smart gadget by adding the power of Raspberry Pi. We all love gadgets, but you’ll love these ideas even more than usual. Discover how to build a Dog Translator, Cat Speedometer, Guitar Pedal, Smart Barbacue and even a Robot Bartender. Plus lots more!

Raspberry Pi Smart Gadgets

Raspberry Pi Smart Gadgets

This month we look at hacking home appliances, smart food and drink setups, super projects for pets, health & fitness gadgets and wearable tech. There’s a wealth of ideas for making fun Raspberry Pi gadgetry.

Spook up your Raspberry Pi

Spook up your Raspberry Pi for Halloween 

It’s the time of year to take your projects and make them scary. Rob Zwetsloot has malicious mirrors, shocking detectors, spooky artworks, and a frightening photo booth.


The miniLIGO gravitational wave detector

How a bunch of PhD students are using Raspberry Pi to recreate a Nobel-prize winning concept by building a gravitational wave tracker. The miniLIGO fires lasers to create an interferometer for subatomic analysis.


The best projects: meet Zippy the tiny tank

We love a robot here at The MagPi magazine, and Zippy’s colourful looks and trundling tracks quickly stole our hearts. Maker, Tomasz Burzy talks to us about how his modular build uses Raspberry Pi Zero, a webcam and Xbox controller to trundle around.

Make retro noises with Raspberry Pi

Make retro noises with Raspberry Pi

Following in the footsteps of Simon Martin’s SID Synth6581 project is this accessible build by retro expert KG Orhphanides. This retro noises build uses an OPL2 Audio Board with Raspberry Pi to generate classic 8-bit noises. 

Keybow 2040

Keybow 2040

We’re starting to see the first products built on RP2040, Raspberry Pi’s custom silicon microcontroller (the heart of Raspberry Pi Pico). Keybow 2040 is a square keyboard with backlit keys that Rob Zwetsloot has been using as a stream deck (a controller used during video and game streaming). It’s much cheaper and more hackable than the commercial alternatives.

Matt Gray interview

Community interview with Matt Gray

We talk with the YouTuber with a penchant for making and an amazing array of gadgets including a Freddie Mercury thermometer and a HoverPub. Matt talks to us about his latest hack, a Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy Camera.

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