Discover 50 hacks & hints in The MagPi #105

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

This month let's learn something new! This edition of The MagPi magazine is packed with hidden secrets, top tricks, and amazing advice. Pick up your copy today and get more out of your incredible computer.

Get more from your Raspberry Pi with this excellent collection of tips

50 Hacks & Hints

The whole team worked together on this one. We sat down and threw all our favourite secrets into the ring, and in doing so we all learned something new from each other. Result! Now it’s your turn to learn the hidden secrets that make using Raspberry Pi a joy.

Dede Mitchell's fantastic chalkboard mixes traditional chalk drawings with smart software

Build an LCD Chalkboard

Dede Mitchell’s day job is as an intra-office administrator and logistics expert at Operation Restoration. Under her guise of the Maladjusted Milliner, she runs Operation Restoration -  a non-profit organisation that provides assistance to women and girls affected by incarceration. Check out her amazing story and this great LCD Chalkboard build.

Recreating this complex Star Wars arcade machine was no small challenge

3/4 Star Wars Arcade Cabinet

James Milroy built the arcade cabinet that he played back in the 1980s. And we think he did an amazing job. The Star Wars Arcade cabinet has a lot of detail, a replica analogue controller yoke, and superb styling.

KG explains how to assemble your parts and start building an arcade machine

Build an arcade machine: Assemble your cabinet

If you want to build your own arcade machine then KG has you covered. Last month our arcade expert ran a list of components that you’ll need to make an arcade machine. This month KG starts to put the bits together and switches on the cabinet. 

Check out these incredible builds for #MonthOfMaking 2021

#MonthOfMaking 2021 Showcase

We saw an amazing variety of stuff made by our community this year, so we thought it would be a great idea to show off what you all made. Remember, you can keep making and showing us what you’ve done any day of the year. We look forward to seeing what else the community makes over the rest of the year. 

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