Design a high-tech home office

By PJ Evans. Posted

This month's MagPi is all about building the Home of the Future. Make your home office smarter with these Raspberry Pi-powered gadgets.

In The MagPi issue 103 we addressed one of the burning issues of the day: how do I let my family know I’m on a Zoom call? We invented a ‘digital do-not-disturb sign’ that can be remotely controlled by some buttons or an event detected by Home Assistant. Display any message you want right outside your door and avoid those moments that could send you viral on social media.

If you’re working at home and have your own working space, particles and gases (now, now) can build up without proper ventilation. Consider adding a Pimoroni Enviro+ to your arsenal. This HAT with optional add-on particle sensor monitors dust, temperature, and other concerns, sending the data straight into Home Assistant.

 This miniature railway sign can make sure you are on time

Home automation isn’t just about switching lights on and off. There’s a wealth of information provided free-of-charge from the internet that you can use to affect your environment. A great example is the data that powers all the railway station displays in the UK. This is freely available and this great project by Chris Crocker-White allows you to make your own home display.

Our newest member of the Raspberry Pi family, Pico, can act as a keyboard over USB. Pairing one with Pimoroni’s RGB Keypad Base creates an inexpensive macro keyboard. Create shortcuts for your common operations and program them into your Pico to speed up your day. No more fighting with the mouse to reach ‘Leave Meeting’.

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