Deep focus on the Camera Module 3 in The MagPi magazine issue #126

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Discover the brand-new Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 in the latest edition of The MagPi magazine. With super-fast autofocus, a 12-megapixel image sensor offering HDR and both regular and wide-angle options, Camera Module 3 provides a massive upgrade to Raspberry Pi imaging projects.

Introducing Camera Module 3 for Raspberry Pi

Introducing Camera Module 3

Everything you need to know about the new 12-megapixel camera module with HDR and lightning-fast autofocus. Our feature is packed with starter advice, engineering insights and project ideas.

Create Smart Lights with Raspberry Pi

Create smart lights

Use Raspberry Pi and Pico to light up your home. This feature covers NeoPixels, motion-sensing lights, and how to control HUE lights with Raspberry Pi. Get inspired by some of the best light show projects around.

PiRitos: Star Trek computer interface on Raspberry Pi

Build a Star Trek-style computer

Discover how PiRitos has been used by one maker to lovingly recreate the LCARS computer from Star Trek. The computer is run from a Raspberry Pi server and displays on multiple screens around one maker’s home.

Raspberry Pi Exoskeleton

A Raspberry Pi Exoskeleton

Learn about a Standford University program using Raspberry Pi to build a groundbreaking walking aid. This exoskeleton is made from carbon fibre and aluminium and uses machine learning to adapt to its user.

Create a toy Chatter Box with Raspberry Pi Codec Zero

Create a toy Chatter Box

Make use of the new Raspberry Pi Audio boards to build a device that records short audio clips and plays them back.

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