Your guide to the Raspberry Pi Camera Module out now!

By Russell Barnes. Posted

The Camera Module Essentials book is the perfect way to learn everything about the Raspberry Pi’s official camera

The Camera Module was one of the first official add-ons to the Raspberry Pi and opened up a whole new world of projects for Pi users around the world. From simple timelapse photography and CCTV to face recognition and colour tracking for robots, there’s loads to do and you’ll find it all in our brand new Camera Module Guide

 Go from novice to expert on the Camera Module with the new Essentials book

We’ve done a few bits on the Camera Module in The MagPi in the past but today we’re releasing a brand new Essentials book with a whole host of brand new guides, tutorials, and projects, along with a few old ones. With the Camera Module Guide, you can learn everything you need to know to make the most out of it, and is suitable for beginners and Pi veterans alike.

You can grab the Camera Module Guide today from our Android or iOS app, and it’s also available as a free PDF. Want it in print? Keep an eye out for a print release coming later this summer.

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