Build a robot with CamJam EduKit 3

By Russell Barnes. Posted

To celebrate the robot gauntlet of Pi Wars 2, the latest CamJam EduKit shows you how to build your own battlebot

Robotics are getting easier and easier with the Raspberry Pi – the little robot we built for issue 38 couldn't have been done without these advancements and even since then we've seen new tools such as GPIO Zero which will make the job much easier. It's for reason's like that which resulted in the CamJam beginning a new annual tradition of Raspberry Pi robot wars, or Pi Wars, and have decided to make their latest EduKit themed around robots.

 You get a fair amount of components in the tiny box

The kit, CamJam EduKit 3, is on sale nowfor the low price of £17 and gives you everything you need to make a robot with a Raspberry Pi. You'll have to supply your own Raspberry Pi though, and either get your own chassis or use the cardboard box it comes in.

In the box you get:

  • A custom-designed, pre-soldered motor controller board (with screw terminals) designed by Gareth from 4tronix
  • Two DC motors (with wires pre-soldered)
  • Two custom red wheels
  • A ball castor (used as the ‘third wheel’ to your robot)
  • A small breadboard (to create your circuits)
  • Two pieces of strong 3M padded double-sided tape
  • A battery box for 4 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • An ultrasonic distance sensor (for detecting objects in front of your robot)
  • A line follower sensor (for detecting and following black lines)
  • Resistors and jumper cables with which to complete your circuits

You can grab the EduKit from The Pi Hut right now, and Pi Wars 2 will be at CamJam on 5 December.

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