Build a Raspberry Pi 5 media player in The MagPi magazine issue #142

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

Raspberry Pi 5 introduced a PCI-express compatible connection enabling you to connect an M.2 SSD drive for huge file storage and super-speedy data transfer. Alongside a much faster processor, this makes Raspberry Pi 5 the ultimate choice for building a do-it-all media player. In this month’s edition of The MagPi, we do exactly that!

Take advantage of Raspberry Pi 5's PCI-express compatible socket, an SSD drive and a remote control to build the ultimate do-anything media player

Build a Raspberry Pi 5 Media Player

Free your films, videos, and music with our ultimate SSD-powered Raspberry Pi media player. You get complete control over your movies, the ability to stream from all the big players, and access obscure services like public domain films and homebrew games. It’s a complete winner of a system.

We interview Raspberry Pi's silicon design team about developing its own computer chip technology

How Raspberry Pi built a silicon design team

Raspberry Pi has built an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) team in Cambridge to design and produce custom silicon chips for its products for nearly ten years. This month we celebrate by chatting to the ASIC team at Raspberry Pi about how they build chips from scratch. It’s a fascinating deep dive into the world of silicon chip development.

Discover incredible summer projects for your garden, holiday, and day-out adventure!

Summer Projects

Take to the great outdoors with our guide to amazing projects for your garden, campsite, beach, or just when going on an adventure. Just because the sun is shining it doesn’t mean you have to put Raspberry Pi down for the day. Take it with you and see what you can do outside.

Recreate a classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer with Mini Dexed

Mini Dexed

This great Mini Dexed project recreates a classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer with Raspberry Pi and a DAC (digital analogue converter). The classic sound of this keyboard is behind lots of big music hits, and now it can be all yours.

Keep a cat entertained with this mini 5-inch television build that plays videos of squirrels

Cat TV

This tiny telly built from a Raspberry Pi 5 and 5-inch display keeps a cat amused. Becky uses this project to show her cat streams of birds and squirrels. The full project is housed in a 3D-printed case that is easy to recreate.

Control a myCobot 280 Pi robot arm by waving around a Wii remote

Control a robot arm with a Wii remote

How cool is this? Wave a classic Wii remote around and your robot arm will follow suit. This industrial myCobot 280 Pi from Elephant Robotics is a detailed arm designed for an industrial setting. Last month we showed you how to set it up; this month we’ll show you how to wave it around. 

Recover data from age-old floppy drives, CDs and even ZIP drives (remember those?)

Rescue your backups

This month, KG looks at rescuing hard-to-read media, from forensic disk imaging tools that attempt to recover data from your drive, bit by bit. They take a close look at recovering data from CDs and floppy disks, helpful physical and software tools, and even help you get equipped to recover data from Iomega’s Zip disk super-floppy formats.

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