BitScope Micro testing tool

By Russell Barnes. Posted

BitScope Micro is “almost everything you’re likely to need” for testing and measurement, according to Bruce Tulloch, BitScope CEO. All in a package not much longer than a Pi 3 and less than half as wide.

The BitScope Micro “has a pair of analogue channels, six logic channels, and a waveform generator,” says Bruce, but it also includes “a high-speed A/D, D/A, compensated inputs, triggers, range and offset controls, and embedded digital signal processing.”

The Micro was designed for the Raspberry Pi, and you can even “use BitScope Micro to monitor your project using the same Raspberry Pi,” reveals Bruce. In fact, this is how BitScope tests each Micro during production.

BitScope Micro

BitScope Micro testing tool for Raspberry Pi

“BitScope Micro comes with everything you need to get started,” Bruce confirms, but there are other bundles if you need a Hammerhead or Tom Thumb attachment.

A Raspberry Pi with a display makes for a “convenient ‘stand-alone mixed signal oscilloscope’ at a much lower cost,” Bruce suggests, while using Pimoroni’s Explorer HAT (£18) allows you to read all the signals that a Pi generates. As Bruce explains, “Without a BitScope Micro, you’re more or less ‘flying blind’ when it comes to seeing and understanding what’s actually going on.”

The BitScope Micro is available now for $145 (£108), or for $98 (£73) each for orders of ten or more.

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