The best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

New to Raspberry Pi? Here are some essential Raspberry Pi beginner’s kits…perfect for new starters.

When you first get a Raspberry Pi, there are always a few things you need to get to go with it. A microSD card, cables, keyboards, electronics components, etc. With these starter kits, you can kick-start your learning with Raspberry Pi.

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Official Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit: Simple and clean

The smart starter kit (pictured above) from Raspberry Pi (£119 / $140) includes a Raspberry Pi 3, as well as an official power supply, case, mouse, and keyboard. You even get Carrie Anne Philbin’s excellent book, Adventures in Raspberry Pi, to start your Pi journey with.

The official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Book: Kit and book

This is not just a book full of excellent tutorials to get your started on your Pi journey– it’s also a Pi Zero kit! The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner's Book (£25 / $33) comes with a Pi Zero W, adapter cables, a preloaded microSD card, and a case.

Raspberry Pi 3B+ essentials kit: Just the essentials

This essentials kit (£58 / $63) also comes with a Raspberry Pi, a slimmed-down Pibow case, a power supply, and a microSD card. The very essentials you’ll need to get your Raspberry Pi running – along with a free Pi sticker.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit: A bigger kit

This bigger starter kit from Pimoroni (£90 / $98) includes a keyboard, mouse, stickers, a Blinkt! light strip, and a getting started guide! It’s a nice beginner’s kit that comes in a very pretty box, and those stickers are very important.

Retro Gaming Kit: Classic gaming fun

A lot of people love to use their Raspberry Pi to play retro games on, and this Retro Gaming Kit (£76 / $102) is specifically designed to help you quickly make a great-looking Pi-powered console. The NES-style case is a nice touch.

Media Center Kit: Improve your TV

As popular as retro gaming is on the Pi, home theatre PCs and media centres are even more popular among the community. This Media Centre Kit (£76 / $102) comes with all the essentials to get your HTPC Pi going, along with a lovely remote to control it all with.

GoPiGo3: Robot for beginners

While not the cheapest robot kit around, we think the GoPiGo3 (£76 / $100) is one of the best robot starter kits, with plenty of resources to learn how to use robots available for it as well. You can then use the base to make bigger and better robots.

pi-top: All-in-one laptop

Quite an extreme concept of a starter kit, the pi-top (£260 / $320) is a laptop you build yourself that uses a Raspberry Pi at its core. You get power, a screen, a keyboard, and a mouse along with the Pi, and it’s even got a chargeable battery so it’s portable. There’s plenty of learning software on it as well!

Raspberry Squid combo pack: A simple kit

We really like this kit from Monk Makes (£10 / $15) as it’s a good introduction to electronics on the Raspberry Pi, which means it deserves a place on this list for people looking to get their start in using the (sometimes) mysterious GPIO pins on their Pi.


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