The 10 best Raspberry Pi HATs

By Lucy Hattersley. Posted

The very best Hardware Attached on Top extensions for your Raspberry Pi

HATs are incredible add-ons to the Raspberry Pi that increase its functionality in a huge number of ways – from added sensors and inputs for fun projects, to practical applications in business and enterprise.

Here are our picks for the 10 best Raspberry Pi HATs:

Sense HAT: Space-faring sensor

Used in the Astro Pi devices up on the International Space Station, this cool Sense HAT (£32 / $40) has an 8×8 pixel display, environmental sensors, accelerometer, and a little joystick. There’s loads of great Raspberry Pi resources that use it as well.

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 The Sense HAT

GFX HAT: Display and inputs

We really like the GFX HAT (£22 / $23) – not only is it a very nice display that is easy to program for, it also has a series of (capacitive touch) buttons. It’s amazing for practical projects or basically any Pi that’s turned on a lot


PoE HAT: Power over Ethernet

The Raspberry Pi is very popular in enterprise settings, and the PoE HAT (£18 / $20) allows for a more efficient way to add Pi boards to a system. With PXE boot and power from the Ethernet port, you can do a lot with a 3B+.

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 The Raspberry Pi PoE HAT attached to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ board

Automation HAT: Automating everything

Want to connect your entire house up to a Raspberry Pi? You’ll have better luck with the Automation HAT (£29 / $31), which has just a ton of connections that you can use. And it all sits on top of a Pi!

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 The Automation HAT

Picade X HAT: Totally awesome video games

Powering the almighty Picade is this amazing control Picade X HAT (£16 / $17) that’s purpose-built for Pi-powered arcade machines. It includes audio and inputs, along with other bits and pieces, and it’s the perfect heart for your arcade build.

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 The Picade X HAT has easier-to-use connections, including a ‘Hacker‘ header

PaPiRus HAT: E-ink display

You can make anything look 20% classier with a PaPiRus HAT e-ink display (£41 / $54). Trust us, we’ve got the science to back it up. It’s very low-power, depending on usage, and looks great even in bright sunlight.

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 The PaPiRus HAT

The PaPiRus HAT

Unicorn HAT HD: High-def LEDs

The wonderful Unicorn HAT HD (£34 / $37) lets you create amazing multicoloured visuals, perfect for a disco or project that needs a dot-matrix display aesthetic. It fits in a lot of Pi cases as well.

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 The Unicorn HAT

HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP: Powerful audio amplifier

This powerful HiFiBerry DAC + DSP (£60 / $78) includes a DSP (digital signal processor) which allows for full control of the way your audio is output from the Pi. The folks at HiFiBerry call it a ‘DAC on steroids’.

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 The HiFiBerry DAC+ADC

TV HAT: Must-see TV

Tune into digital TV in Europe with this excellent TV HAT (£20 / $26) which then lets you stream the signal around your house. It’s the perfect complement to a Kodi box, and it sits nicely on top of a Pi Zero.

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Flick HAT: Gesture control

The Flick HAT (£20 / $26) can handle all of your gesture control needs, with 3D tracking that lets you control the Pi with some simple gestures even from a moderate distance (about 15 cm away).

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 The Flick HAT

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