Automate your kitchen

By PJ Evans. Posted

This month's issue of the MagPi is all about creating your own Home of the Future. Automate your kitchen with these Raspberry Pi-powered projects.

Wire up a coffee machine

If you really want that fresh coffee in the morning to be just right, how about automating your coffee machine? If your machine can start when power is applied, then a simple WiFi power switch will suffice. There are some ‘smart’ coffee machines available such as Smarter Coffee, but another option is to add a button-presser such as MicroBot Push which can be controlled with HA.

Drink smarter

Discover sous-vide

This amazing technique cooks plastic-wrapped food in a water bath using precise temperatures. The result is tender and flavoursome meals that cook over hours not minutes. Sous-vides are typically expensive, but you can build your own and monitor it using HA, such as this project. As ever, always be careful mixing electricity and water.

Create tender and flavoursome meals with sous-vide

Install smart meters

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it pays to keep an eye on how much blood it’s pumping. As smart meters roll out, it’s good to know that many models such as Honeywell’s AS302P advertise their usage to supplied displays. With a bit of help, these transmissions can be captured by HA so you can create your own dashboards or set alarms when the cooker gets too greedy. Take a look at this tutorial by Erik Schrama.

Keep an eye on power consumption

Get smart about safety

After lighting, a logical first step for the home automation fan is monitoring of the environment. Smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are available, but you may be interested in making open-source versions so you can trigger alerts when things don’t seem right. The Pi Hut sells an MQ-135 Gas Sensor which is great for experimenting with home-built smoke detectors. Please note that no DIY smart device is ever any replacement for a proper certified smoke alarm, such as those made by FireAngel.

Smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

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