10 amazing: robot projects

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

One of our favourite things to make with Raspberry Pi is a cool robot. Whether you’re making them fight at Pi Wars or racing them in Formula Pi, it’s an incredible way to learn about coding and making. We’ve put together a list of very different robots to give you some inspiration.


Inedible round robot

This Pico-powered robot is small and compact, and a great base for expanding and building bigger and more complex robots




Would you like to play a game of tic-tac-toe? This robot will play with you, but unlike WOPR (from 1983's WarGames) it’s a bit more physical



Who’s Johnny?

This compact robot inspired by Short Circuit’s Johnny 5 is also powered by Raspberry Pi 5. It’s a very advanced robot with stereoscopic vision



Landmine clearing robot

This clever and very cheap robot is great for clearing minefields, which hopefully is not something you'll have much need for. If you do, though, know it's made of cardboard and does move like a turtle.



3D printing buddy

This helpful robot keeps an eye on your 3D printer and looks very cute while doing it. It’s also 3D printed itself!


AI-suke the robot

Remote greeter

This robot uses facial recognition to greet people at the door, and was created during COVID lockdowns. It alerts the home owner when someone arrives, and even talks to them


Open Weed Locator

Farming robot

Weeding can be a long task that requires a sharp eye and precision, a perfect use case for machine learning on a robot in a big field, which uses computer vision to detect and then pick weeds



Toy puzzle solver

The theory behind Rubiks cube solving is fascinating, and so is the sport of doing it with speed. While this robot won’t be beating any world records, it’s very fun to watch.


Olga The Fortune Teller

Clairvoyant AI

This fortune teller uses ChatGPT to predict your fate. It’s probably not going to be correct, but it’s also about as accurate as star sign horoscopes, so your mileage may vary



Famous robot dog

This full-size replica of the classic Doctor Who prop recreates the original and adds several features the older version didn’t have, such as touch sensors


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