10 amazing Raspberry Pi cases

By Rob Zwetsloot. Posted

You may have noticed that a Raspberry Pi is sold essentially naked. However, you can easily get a case for your Raspberry Pi and give it some extra protection from the elements and spilled drinks. Here are ten of our favourites, including some nice cases for your Pico.

SmartiPi Touch Pro

Case and stand

This enclosure allows you to create an entire Raspberry Pi system and put it anywhere around your house. magpi.cc/smartipi  |  £30 / $25

Official Raspberry Pi 4 Case

Simple and clean

This sleek and simple case is the official case for Raspberry Pi, acting as a perfect enclosure at a low price. magpi.cc/pi4case  |  £5 / $5

Gameboy NANO

Adorably tiny

One of the smallest cases we’ve seen for Raspberry Pi Zero, it also turns it into a handheld console. Great for small fingers. magpi.cc/gameboynano   |  Free

Zebra Pico Case

Layered protection

Zebra makes lovely cases for microcomputers and dice, and this layered case for Pico offers great protection with full coverage for all the delicate parts, along with full access to GPIO and power. magpi.cc/zebrapico   |  £8 / $9

Raspberry Pi Pico Case

Officially inspired

While not an official case, this 3D-printed case is created in a similar style to the official ones, with a base and a lid. magpi.cc/3dpicocase   |  Free

Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case

Simple and tiny

A companion case to the official case, this time shrunk down to fit all types of Raspberry Pi Zero. magpi.cc/pizerocase  |  £5 / $5

Acrylic case for Raspberry Pi Pico

Two acrylic slabs

A very simple case made of two acrylic pieces that you join together through Pico’s mount holes. magpi.cc/acrylic  |  £8 / $10

FLIRC Raspberry Pi Case

For media PCs

This beautiful-looking case is made with aluminium, and acts as a heatsink. The design lets it sit neatly under a TV to power your media centre desires. There’s also a Zero variant. magpi.cc/flirc   |  £14 / $16

NESPi 4 Case

Retro console camo

This great classic console replica also allows you to use the front ports as you normally would, and add fake cartridges.

magpi.cc/nespi4  |  £28 / $27

Pico USB Rubber Ducky Case

Converting enclosure

This 3D-printable case includes a nice little groove to put in a specific micro-USB to USB-A adapter, allowing you to easily plug a Pico into your computer of choice. magpi.cc/duckycase   |  Free

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